Our goal is to make your project a success

We are a software development company counting more than 15 years of experience. We specialize in client relationship building and retention and have the ability to take in charge, maintain and optimize existing client code base.
We are also specialized in working with other software companies and agencies, by implementing part of their projects or by lending them senior developers that would work in collaboration with their technical employees

Over the years, HTSoftwares has developed a strong and reliable team. We have knowledge of Java, PHP, .Net, Oracle, Mysql, PostgreSql, JBoss, Lucene, pentaho, unity, Magento. Our experience covers a wide variety of areas like CRM & CMS experience as well as business development solutions, POS system integration, web service and e-commerce implementation.

How do we proceed
Turnkey project
We will take care of everything and we will provide you the most optimized solution making sure you will end up with a quality product that will maximize your return on investment.
Want to outsource part of your project? Our team will be happy to give you a hand by working on parts of your project while collaborating with your developers and respecting the architecture and requirements.
You are late on delivery and need help with a project that is already underway? No problem, we will lend you one of our senior developer
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