Custom software development

Providing solid software solutions that are easily scalable and maintainable.

We specialise in custom software development. Our mission at HTSoftwares is to provide solid software solutions that answer 100% of the requirements, that are easily scalable and maintainable. We always follow the best practises in software development and software architecture.

Choosing the right technology
Choosing a technology or a solution for a software is an important decision and making the wrong choice will lead companies with semi-working software that answer half of their requirements and that cost a lot to maintain and to enhance.

Most mistake companies do is to chose a pre-made solution that appears to fit their requirement to discover later on that their specific business needs requires a lot of customization, which leads to ugly patches and a non flexible product.

At HTSoftwares, we have extensive experience and we will offer you the best approach, whether it is to build your software from the ground up or to customize an existing application. In both cases, we will provide you the most optimized solution making sure you will end up with a quality product that will maximize your return on investment.
Our process
We favor incremental delivery method. We understand that clients might change their requirement when they see the finished product and start using it. This is why it is very important to work through iterations, where each iteration contains a working set of functionnality that the client can test. Such a development gives the client a flexible window to perfect the finished product.
Areas of expertise
  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • SOA architecture (Jboss / WCF)
  • Open source implementation & customization
  • Saas
  • Databases (SQL, Oracle)
  • Reporting
  • CRM and CMS implementation
  • Business process

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