Software maintenance and evolution

Stabilizing and optimizing your existing source code

Technology is a powerful force that is ever-changing; as such, software must often be reconfigured to adapt to constant evolution.

Htsoftwares team will take in charge your existing source code and will offer you a plan to stabilize it, optimize it and let it meet today's fast growing market.

Whether it is code that we developped or existing code that you own, don't hesitate to contact us we will study your case and offer you the best scenarios and options that will keep your application alive and maximize its return on investment.

Our maintenance services range from and not limited to
  • Upgrading your application
  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding features
  • Refactoring
  • Third party API integration
We have successfully guided our clients to overcome challenges with software ranging from legacy software to poorly developed application that were not designed for heavy usage. In each case, we have worked with the client's budget to stabilize the application and help them focus on their core business rather than worrying about software issues.

Want to enhance your application? Contact us and we will be more then happy to help you meet your goals